Jacob Lawrence, "The Migration of the Negro No. 53" (1941)
Jacob Lawrence, The Migration of the Negro No 53. The Negroes who had been North for quite some time met their fellowmen with disgust and aloofness. (1941)
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Subject: dress up Mondays
From: William L. on 11/28/99 10:51:06 AM
To: everybody@dotcomcompany.com

For so many of you, who've joined us recently, there are subtle points of the DotComCompany culture you might not yet appreciate. But I know many are gaining in your estimation as you cozy up to them. Like Goals. Being on time to meetings. Stupid humor.

There's another I just know you're going to come to love: dress up Mondays. For gentlemen, that means ties. Ladies, as appropriate. I'm including [the East Coast office], because I think you ought participate too. Of course, I've never been to [the East Coast office] on a Monday; Do J. and E. set the tone?

Please jump in. You'll like it.

Subject: Re dress up Mondays
From: Mark P. on 11/28/99 11:11:06 AM
To: everybody@dotcomcompany.com

For the benefit of those brand new folks who haven't heard about our various theme dress days, here's what we do the rest of the week.

Clothing Optional Fridays are probably the first thing you should know about. Sometimes this tradition catches new employees a bit by surprise. We find that, overall, it lends itself to a relaxed work place environment. Sometimes we do a full Clothing Optional Week when things are seeming stressed, for instance after the launch of a major Web site redesign. Matt S. has that "let's get nekkid" look right now, in fact.

Cross-Dressing Wednesdays are becoming increasingly popular. The Exec team has been experimenting with them for some time now, and their enthusiasm seems to be infectious. Naturally there's more of a tradition behind this theme here in San Francisco than in [the East Coast office], but rumor has it J.'s quite fetching in a taffeta ball gown.

Dress as Your Favorite Zen Movie Character Tuesday is more recent, but W.L.'s really into it so it has momentum.

Dress as Mark Phillips Thursday has been proposed, but people have complained about being unable to find enough black things and vests in their local mall.

A final note about Dress Up Monday. While the tie for gentlemen is now mandatory, there's no rule about having to wear it around your neck. Any limb or other body part will do. Matt S.'s wearing his right now and will show it to you if you ask him. You'll see it anyway after the site launches.