There she is in her thrift store bowling shirt, beautiful big firm breasts barely contained. She's all curves and shy cute smile and she has the firmest sweetest ass in all of human history. I love her and while much of it's hormonal the love part is truly true. For decades I quite falsely think of her as the love of my life.

She's the glory fuck of the universe but that's 'cos I taught her and at this point I'm all she's had. Later she'll shack up with a premature ejaculator who won't eat pussy and basically ruins her for life. While she lives with him she'll sometimes cheat with me and be all hurry and despair. That's very sad.

There she is on the pier with her sister. I'm shooting a wide-angle lens to include the gorgeous background so my camera's basically right in their faces. Or their tits. Sister comments on the latter. I show her through the lens why that is.

There she is in an East County park beneath eucalyptus. She hates the pics. I'm experimenting with a sky filter which adds some pink to her skin tone. Unacceptable.

There she is on a merry-go-round near my apartment. There she is naked but bundled in my bed. There we are together naked but bundled in my bed. Apparently I own a tripod with a long shutter cable.

There she is.