John Hultberg, "Road Through the Labyrinth" (1979)
John Hultberg, Road Through the Labyrinth (1979)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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The Database "Director" can't find a job.

Months of search, half a year, not a single prospect, as each interview immediately proves his unsuitability.

This is the true outcome of his patron's organizational philosophy. By encouraging him and people like him to stay on year after year she subtly allowed their skills to atrophy and their futures to shrink, as the rest of the world moved past their technological point of origin into wider fields of experience and expectation: the inevitable evolution of the market. It was loyal, but, it wasn't.

Inevitably, her stagnant organization failed, and now the people who failed with it are doomed in the outside world. Shame, 'cause he's really a good guy, who deserves better in return for his life.