Jacob Lawrence, "The Life of Harriet Tubman No. 11" (1940)
Jacob Lawrence, The Life of Harriet Tubman No. 11. "$500 Reward! Runaway from subscriber on Thursday night, the 4th inst., from the neighborhood of Cambridge, my negro girl, Harriet, sometimes called Minty. Is dark chestnut color, rather stout build, but bright and handsome. Speaks rather deep and has a scar over the left temple. She work a brown plaid shawl. I will give the above reward captured outside the county, and $300 if captured inside the county, in either case to be lodged in the Cambridge, Maryland, jail. (Signed) George Carter, Broadacres, near Cambridge, Maryland, September 24th, 1849" (1940)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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December 12, 2002:

Superficiality is for her an act of deliberation, an intellectual and ethical commitment. Things are exactly as they seem, there are no obscure or unconscious motives. To suggest otherwise is an act of manipulation.

The inevitable corollary can be expressed in this simple transitive syllogism:

out of sight, out of mind;
out of mind, out of existence;
out of sight, out of existence.

Thus the solution to problems is to run away.