July 31, 2003:

To the sound of voluptuous music Vicki, that is, Ginger, entered New Camp X-Ray with swaying hips. Pouting, she stopped at Gilligan's cage, where she stood facing him through imaginary bars.

"Gilligan," she whispered breathlessly. "I miss you."

Gilligan blinked, confused. "I — I miss you too Vicki. I mean, Ginger."

Ginger smiled softly.

"Gilligan," she purred. "If you come back to the village, and give up this silly strike thing, I'll be... pleased."

Mary Ann rolled her eyes. She'd been expecting this.

"Vicki," she said. Ginger looked at her sideways, displeased at the intrusion. "Union!"

"Aaaaaaaaagh!," Vicki screamed, dismayed. "Union!," snapped Mary Ann fiercely. "Union! Union! Union!"

Horrified, Vicki, that is Ginger, ran screaming back to the village.