March 29, 2006:

"It's not about discussion bulletins."

No. Of course. Not if the organization isn't expected to achieve anything beyond yack yack yack.

Chatterbot utopia. We go into the movements and we yack yack yack. That's our politics. Yack yack yack. That's the purpose of our cadre orgs: to yack yack yack before going into the movements to yack yack yack. Twice the opportunity for talk.

You'd think that of all people, discussion bulletins would be his favorite thing.

You'd be wrong. He doesn't write. Doesn't want to be pinned down. Doesn't particularly want to discuss. That would imply listening. He doesn't do that. He only talks.

Democracy as the victory of the last person capable of moving their mouth.

Chatterbot utopia.