June 27, 2013:

Elderly in the elevator. Silver hair, tubby hubby, skinny wife, Brooklyn accents.

Mechanical elevator voice speaks to them: "Your elevator is now going up."

Wife says, "Every time I hear her voice, I think we're having a conversation."

Husband laughs. "She's like Siri. On the iPhone."

"Oh," wife says. "I don't have an iPhone."

Well... "How about you?", says husband to your reporter. "Ever talk to Siri?"

Smile for their charm. "I turn her off usually. Do you like her?"

"Oh!", husband says. "She's very funny!"

"Funny on purpose?", I ask.

"I didn't say that," husband chuckles, wagging a finger.

They wave goodbye, giggling, walking down the corridor arm in arm.