April 21, 2016:

Flirty flight attendant, striking poses. "You can have any thing you want..." Blue scarf and blue blazer, gold wings, black eyeliner. Businesslike with me: "Yes sir, thank you sir." As if I make her nervous.

Shoes off in the security line, the perfect woman. Back-length blonde hair straight with waves, faded blue jeans tight, curves without exaggeration or falsity, minimal makeup. Glancing at me, glancing at me, glancing at me, while I glance at her, wondering, Should I introduce myself?

My row mate hates takeoff, gripping her uncle's arm in exaggerated teenage terror. Later we talk of flight delays and weather and where we're each headed. She has a pink hoodie and a charming silly giggle which makes me happy. Trading flight stories above the great SouthWest.