March 23, 2017:

Old school IT.

Communication as event. Communication happens only intermittently, in meetings, where presentations are given, until decisions are made by the most senior participants and passed down for execution by those below, who salute and hop to it. Where the level of one's influence is determined by one's skill at presenting.

Views the "lean startup" movement with bafflement and contempt. Is blind, almost by definition, to the structures of ongoing communication and decision-making forged outside of meeting rooms. The philosophy of organizational cohesion for which modern tools such as Slack were designed. To him, communication and decision-making outside of published agendas is invisible; those advocating them are disastrously incompetent.

So that he feels a panic-driven need to intervene, to set and publish agendas, and overwrite working sessions with meetings, ironically causing the very disruption he believes himself to be pre-empting.