October 15, 2017:

Mark (to rude entitled American evangelical woman): OK, I'll just get out of your way then, shall I?

Rude Entitled American Evangelical Woman: Well what did you want me to do?

Mark (seething): I wanted you to respect the fact that when someone who's walking down steep stairs is clutching the handrail for dear life there's probably a good reason. Duh.

Rude Entitled American Evangelical Man (while walking up the left side of the stairway): You walk on the right, just like driving a car.

Mark (sarcastic): As you're doing right now, hey Einstein?

(The rude man turns and takes a step back down the stairs toward Mark.)

Mark (furious, drops his camera bag on the ground, steps toward the man): Bring it you fucking American entitled evangelical hick sack of shit.

(The rude man's wife grabs her husband by the collar and they retreat up the stairs.)

Mark (seething): Good call, compatriots.

Linda (astonished): I thought the two of you were gonna throw down.

Mark (seething): If we're lucky we'll have another chance.

Granted we're not exactly acting here in the spirit of Paul.