March 19, 2019:

You say that as though there were no alternatives. I disagree.

I'm not going to submit to being treated poorly. It doesn't matter that we share DNA. That fact actually makes the poor treatment even more morally repugnant: these are the people who are supposed to be your protectors and your tribe. If they're unwilling to be even minimally polite to you they can go fuck themselves.

But, if we're insisting on DNA as determinant, perhaps much of mine derives from a far more rebellious source, from that red-headed firecracker of a pregnant teenage hillbilly who made a life without you lot, thank you very much, the submissive bunch who declined to do the right thing because daddy said not too. Maybe I inherited her stubbornness, her wildass combativeness, her pride and her bitter defiance.

Right now I like her very much.