Jacob Lawrence, "War, No. 6. The Letter," 1947
Jacob Lawrence, War No. 6. The Letter (1947)
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January 4, 2003:

Subject: Re: love slightly round!
From: C-------- on 1/2/03 17:49:53 PM
To: mark@blah.blah

Hey Mark,
How are things?
You know what?
I finally just got myself off for like the first time in about a month and am suddenly not so intent on a date.
I should really do that more often!
I just forget to, y'know?
Yep, took a nice hot bath, and, um, treated myself.
So I'm off to negotiate some paint and steam cleaning bullshit with my new roommate and then probably out to dinner with my dad.
Anyway, hope you are well.
Take care-