Jacob Lawrence, "The Migration of the Negro No. 33" (1941)
Jacob Lawrence, The Migration of the Negro No. 33. People who had not yet come North received letters from their relatives telling them of the better conditions that existed in the North. (1941)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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January 9, 2003:

Beachfront. Exhausted-looking woman slumps on a motel room bed. Moonlight through open windows paints her silver.

Her other lover, the one she lives with, is manipulating her with promises. In a burst of insight she throws a potted plant through his French doors and hits the highway. She must be flying: makes the 600 miles from there to here in under six hours. To lie in fetal position whimpering, "I want to die."

By morning she's laughing again, as we dance together down the brown sandy beach. Yet her anguish follows after her like a loyal dog.