Jacob Lawrence, "Shoe Shine Girl" (1938)
Jacob Lawrence, Shoe Shine Girl (1938)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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July 7, 2003:

Who are you now?

Do you love fireworks?

When you laugh, does your head fly back, sending your mirth heavenward?

Are peach and gray your favorite colors?

Do you ever play shadow tag?

Do you love frozen yogurt?

Do you believe in reincarnation? Have you explored your past lives? What's the purpose of this lifetime?

Do you love children and animals? (Not as you once said because they're "innocent", but because in relation to you they're powerless?)

Do you believe that women and men are separate species, between which no communication or communion is possible?

You sat at home, the windows tinted black. It hit you hard and you cried so long. Life turned and wandered, never to come back again. Take what she gives you. Don't feel sorry for her. Poor little girl, ran away for good. I try to explain why she won't say a thing. Sad, sad thing. I'm so far away now. How can I say why she won't talk at all.

—X, "Poor Girl"