William H. Johnson, "Street Musicians" (ca. 1940)
William H. Johnson, Street Musicians (ca. 1940)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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July 20, 2003:

Short-haired blonde man emerges from the shower inside a shared motel room. On one arm the tattoo of a hula dancer; on the other, tumbling dice. He's naked except for a motel towel which dangles from a raging erection as though it were hanging from a peg in the wall. Beer belly jiggles as he lurches heavily into the room, footfalls like little earthquakes over the sound of motel TV.

Turns to the shy-looking and clearly astonished young woman who, having joined the tour late, has no better place to stay.

"A'hm gonna git me a piece o' that ass one day," he says, finger and motel towel waggling. "Young lady," he adds, as an afterthought.