Jacob Lawrence, "Picket Line" (1948)
Jacob Lawrence, Picket Line (1948)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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October 22, 2004:

After the Gulf War my discussion bulletin submissions began to be lost in the mail. Or an office intern would lose them. Or they'd arrive too late to be included. Conference calls would not come, although I waited by the phone. Agendas would fail to reach me on time. Committee nominations would take place without me. All this because the leader's unscrupulous protege had the dubious distinction of knowing exactly what she was doing.

Freed from the millstones of incompetence and dishonesty I went in search of a new way to contribute, something appropriate to my skills and interests, working in concert with friends who were good at what they did, and fun to be with. Many were shocked. For me it was a liberation. What seems sad to me now is that it required another person's lack of principle to convince me to leave. The decision should have been plain.