Jacob Lawrence, "Protest Rally" (1969)
Jacob Lawrence, Protest Rally (1969)
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May 17, 2006:

"Wait 'til the body bags come home..."

The war before. Generals and antiwar activists repeat the same mistake.

That was the Grand Poo-Bah of the self-appointed leadership, and I outmaneuvered him so drastically that just four months later his group had lost every member but one under age forty, while mine had doubled, had grouped every experienced local independent around us, had made a real contribution to the real movement.

They complain about "The Crisis of Leadership." Then they struggle to prevent leaders with talent from rising within their shitty little sectlets.

This isn't an issue of individuals, talented or untalented. It's the structured outcome of a structural flaw. The wrong project generates the wrong results, just as the wrong question leads to the wrong answer.