Jacob Lawrence, "Protest Rally" (1969)
Jacob Lawrence, Protest Rally (1969)
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June 1, 2006:

Elitist, pedantic snob.

His commitment to knowledge lacks a liberative motive. He doesn't learn in order to help, that is, to be of service. He learns in order to congratulate himself on his superiority.

Bitterness. His anger toward those who disagree, as if his emotions imply, I worked to be smarter than you, now acknowledge me.

Implications for democracy. This stratum resents the people for having ideas of their own, just as it resents the powerful for their exclusiveness. It would choose to be included in public decision-making, yet it would simultaneously choose to exclude the great unwashed.

Consistent, right down to his sense of humor. Put-downs reduce him to red-faced helplessness. Put-downs which really cut leave him laughing 'til he shakes.

Naturally, he luuuuuvs me...