April 2, 2017:

Rocking a hotel bed, palm sharp on red asscheeks, the word "Yesssss!" bouncing from walls. She has a vibrator in her ass, his condom-sheathed penis in her vagina, his hands alternately slapping and choking and hairpulling. Just how she likes it.

Another time another hotel bed, a beautiful lonely girl, sobs and sweet kisses. And mystery and lies, unlike the first one who is so totally open.

Yet another hotel bed, a young mother, thinks he's cool, but ultimately it's for money to feed her child. She fucks him, he pays her, they see each other intermittently. Why not? She needs the bucks.

A sophisticated graduate student who ghosts after he can't keep his thoughts on her. A very beautiful, charismatic loner with unprecedented bedroom skills. Many many others.

Too many? Who knows?

He's lonely, they're good to him, he needs the sex and especially the companionship.

He's not who he thought he was, but, in the end, who is?