May 8, 2017:

Even with meds he's still brittle. Setbacks, speedbumps push him underwater, especially when they touch on loneliness.

He's lost a confidante he trusted. It's a trigger, not a cause. But it's effective: for weeks the days are dark. He retreats into inwardness, cancels dates, chooses to be alone.

A girl he's hoped would forge a closer relationship expresses doubts. In another context he'd be patient. In current context he pulls the plug, opting for isolation over optimism.

A girl he was excited to see hurts his feelings. He expected a romantic evening with her full attention. Instead after a very expensive dinner she requested at a restaurant she chose she leaves him for a party. He decides not to see her again.

In all of these experiences depression is like glue holding him back, forcing struggles which otherwise could be waived away.