June 8, 2017:

In her picture she looks like Wonder Woman. Strong, curvy, self-possessed.

She hates her curvy body. She wishes she were small-breasted, a swimmer's lithe build. She hides her sexuality under loose clothes and a forward slump.

His feelings for her are unique in his lifetime. He's in love, but without the desperate emotional need experienced in the past. She's the most beautiful woman in the world, but his fantasies are more about comforting her than sex. Above all he wants to protect her. A paternal sense, perhaps.

To go forward he'll have to be assertive. She needs to be pursued. So far he hasn't had the emotional stamina, where depression intervenes with things like assertiveness. Perhaps soon, if she isn't in the meantime snatched up by someone younger, more buff, and altogether less perfect for her.