March 12, 2019:

There was a lot of sex play in that neighborhood. Not a lot of actual sex, not till later when I brought it home from university.

Truth or Dare: on the corner on the grass, in plain view of four dozen windows in all directions. Little flashes of tits & ass, some kissing here and there. Eventually the game went away when the rough boys' voices changed and they began simply grabbing. The girls giggled and submitted, given they really had no choice, except I suppose to stay indoors.

I opted out.

It was too rough, and too public. From the beginning I was too romantic, and to my adolescent credit I think I can truthfully say too respectful of the girls. I definitely wanted the hand-to-body contact. But I wanted it in private, between the two of us, sweetly, where it felt good, there was trust, and it would lead to more.