"I am (like) one who, returning from a very long journey (outside everything, the earth, the world, men and their languages), tries to keep after the event a logbook, with the forgotten, fragmentary, rudimentary instruments of a prehistoric language and literature. Tries to understand what has happened, and to explain it with pebbles, pieces of wood, the gestures of someone deaf and dumb before there was anyone to teach the deaf and dumb, the fumblings of a blind man before Braille ... And they're going to have to piece things together with that. If they knew, they'd be afraid and they wouldn't even try." — Jacques Derrida

"Every line we succeed in publishing today — no matter how uncertain the future to which we entrust it — is a victory wrenched from the powers of darkness." — Walter Benjamin

"An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all." — Oscar Wilde

conformist vision
will infallibly produce
derivative works

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Vignette, Photography and Computer-Mediated Narrative 
by Mark Phillips:

George Grosz, The Gray Man Dances (1949)
George Grosz
The Gray Man Dances (1949).