I couldn't keep up. I had to read slowly, chew and digest. Mull for some time, re-read, mull for a longer time. A great muller-overer. I needed to know how the small bits fit the big picture, when the big picture definitely did not fit into just one book. It took a very long time.

Conventional factory schools were too fast for me. Too many pages. I could never learn languages. Memorize all these words by Thursday? No possibility.

In college my friend and I agreed to give a joint presentation. We went to Rocco's in Riverside for dinner and study. "OK, I'm done reading." It was 120 pages and I was on page 12. I left him to do the presentation himself.

I had to learn to make this work for me. There's a strength to it because I learn things very thoroughly. Expert. But it's very slow.