2004-11-24 Pali Lookout, Oahu
2004-11-24 Pipeline Beach, Oahu
2004-11-24 Pali Lookout, Oahu
2004-11-24 Shi-No Temple, Oahu
2004-11-24 Black volcanic rock, Oahu
2004-11-24 Waimea Falls, Oahu
2004-11-24 Black volcanic rocks, Oahu
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November 24, 2004. Oahu.

Snaps from an around-the-island minivan tour. These aren't gonna make National Geographic, but it was a fun day and some of the colors are happy. On the whole Oahu hasn't really blown up my skirt; I think that something of this relative lack of enthusiasm has crept into the images of what is really a very lovely place.

These pages are formatted for laptops; mobile real soon now. Click a thumbnail for the big picture plus commentary. Preview via the slideshow below.