Can a Game Be Literature?

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2005.10.09 Tahiti 4wd
Tahiti 4wd, 2005.10.09.
Nikon D100, 12-24mm f/4G lens @12mm f/9, aperture priority.
"Climbing higher up the valley until it narrowed, they came to a stupendous waterfall, cascading over a perpendicular cliff 200 feet high, formed of square pillars of stone. His companions told him that this cascade, with its deep bathing pool at the base, was called Pi'aroa; and when they walked back down the river, they were entertained by a Tahitian friend of David Nelson's who welcomed them to his house, showing them two fine shaddock trees that Nelson had planted during Captain Cook's 1777 visit. Further downstream, the people were driving fish into bag nets, catching fish of all sizes." — Anne Salmond, Bligh

This is the Papenoo Valley; Bligh's tour of 1788 was of the Tuauru Valley nearer Matavai Bay.