Can a Game Be Literature?

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2005.10.13 Moorea, French Polynesia
Moorea, French Polynesia, 2005.10.13.
Nikon D100, 18-70mm f/3.5-4.5G lens @70mm f/9, aperture priority.
"Spinner dolphins in Hawaii receive multiple daily visits to their near-shore resting grounds, with boats taking people out daily to snorkel and interact with the local dolphin population. Such activities are increasingly coming under criticism on the grounds of possible harm to the dolphins,[24] and efforts are being made both to educate the public in order to minimise human impact on the dolphins, and to bring in regulations to govern these activities." - Wikipedia.

Dolphins a few meters from the boat. On Dr. Poole's tours we're stationary when near the animals, or moving very slowly in a straight line. It's their choice to visit us, or not.