Athens, Greece, 2017.10.08
Interior of our apartment, Athens, Greece, 2017.10.08.
iPhone 7, all auto.

The living room of our two-bedroom apartment at Urban Stripes, 37 Voiku. 2017.10.08.

In 1979 in a very different world my college friends and I stayed in a student hostel called "Fotis House". It had no hot water, we slept in sleeping bags, and there was a curfew. Student life on the dirt cheap, which in hindsight I question. Hostels, Eurail Pass, haggling over rates: it was exhausting and it took up half of our days. Without the Internet the research would have been more challenging, but I wonder now if the better option would have been to rent houses to use as bases for exploring each region. With all seventeen of us pitching in, I imagine the cost per individual would have been comparable. This was the strategy advocated in 2017 by travel genius Linda. It worked brilliantly for us.