National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece, 2017.10.09
National Archaeological Museum, Athens, Greece, 2017.10.09.
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"A total of nineteen bodies — eight men, nine women and two children — were found in the shafts, which contained two to five bodies each (with the exception of Grave II, which was a single burial). Among the findings, boars' tusks were found in Grave IV, as well as five golden masks in Graves IV and V. One of them, the supposed Mask of Agamemnon, was found in Grave V. Additionally, gold and silver cups, including Nestor's Cup and the Silver Siege Rhyton, were found by the side of the deceased. A number of gold rings, buttons and bracelets were also found. Most of the graves were equipped with full sets of weapons, especially swords, and the figural depictions of the objects show fighting and hunting scenes. The gender of those entombed here were distinguished based on the grave goods that they were buried with. Men were found with weapons while women received jewelry."

Wikipedia, "Grave Circle A, Mycenae"



These artifacts came from this grave site in ancient Mycenae.