Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 2017.10.10
Acropolis, Athens, Greece, 2017.10.10.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @19mm f/8, aperture priority.

"Furthermore, by dedicating on the Acropolis the first-fruits of their wealth, they have adorned the shrine with bronze and marble statues, numerous, indeed, to have been provided out of a private fortune. They themselves died fighting for their country; Dicaeogenes, the son of Menexenus, the father of my grandfather Menexenus, while acting as general when the battle took place at Eleusis; Menexenus, his son, in command of the cavalry at Spartolus in the territory of Olynthus; Dicaeogenes, the son of Menexenus, while in command of the Paralus at Cnidus."

— Isaeus, Dicaeogenes