View toward the Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece, 2017.10.12
View toward the Temple of Zeus, Olympia, Greece, 2017.10.12.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @12mm f/8, aperture priority.

"For centuries the events and facilities at Olympia were spartan for both athletes and spectators. Sources such as Epictetus' Discourses mention the heat, the crowds, the makeshift accommodations, and the poor sanitation. In striking contrast to the grandeur of the temples of Zeus and Hera, the classical stadium was a simple running track outside the sacred precinct. Only judges and diplomatic representatives had permanent stone seats in a small area on the southern embankment. Spectators camped out nearby or came early, standing or sitting on the grassy embankments to watch the competitions."

— Donald G. Kyle, "Winning at Olympia", Archaeology, April 6, 2004