Theater, Argos, Greece, 2017.10.14
The Theater, Argos, Greece, 2017.10.14.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @12mm f/8, aperture priority.

"The huge cavea of the theatre, for the greatest part hewn from the rock, is divided by two diazomata (landings) into three horizontal sections and by staircases into four cunei, corresponding to the tribes of Argos. The central section contains 83 rows of seats carved into the rock; additional tiers on both sides are fixed on artificial dykes retained by isodomic walls of unequal measure. Initially circular (26m in diameter), the orchestra was also to the largest part hewn from the rock; its centre featured two embossed reliefs, a circle and two tangent lines for the guidance of the chorus: a circular movement for the dithyrambs and a straight movement in tragedies and comedies. The ?Charonian stairway?, an underground passage that linked the orchestra to the locker rooms, facilitated the appearance of the dead and the chthonic deities during performances. The initial scenic building was built of elaborate limestone. It consisted of the proscenium or front of scene (24.40 x 2.50m), internally decorated with an Ionic colonnade, of the scene above the locker rooms situated on ground level, and of a portico with a Doric colonnade at the front (24 x 5.60m)."

— Olga Psychogiou, Ministry of Culture and Sports