Theater, Argos, Greece, 2017.10.14
The Theater, Argos, Greece, 2017.10.14.
Nikon D7200, 12-24mm f/4G lens @12mm f/8, aperture priority.

"The monument was remodelled during the Roman period (second century AD, in particular), in the reign of Emperor Hadrian. It hence hosted various celebrations (Sebasteia festivals, celebrations introduced by Titus, Trajan games, Antinoian games), as well as mock hunts of wild animals or gladiatorial combat; this resulted in the transformation of both the orchestra and the scene. In the first half of the second century BC, the brick scenic building extended to the west, covering part of the orchestra. The proscenium was changed into a two-storey logeio (platform) with marble overlays, adorned with Corinthian colonnades, mosaics and statues in niches. A buckram covered part of the cavea for the protection of spectators from the sun; for their safety during recreations, a net was placed in front of the proedria (seats of honour); both were pitched in rock cavities. In the third century AD was added a tribune with three marble seats for distinguished spectators, such as the representative of the Emperor or the organizing entertainers, and in the fourth century AD, the orchestra acquired an artificial lake for water sports and mock naval battles. The theatre was definitively abandoned in the late fourth century AD."

— Olga Psychogiou, Ministry of Culture and Sports