Kodak slides, SCA, 1975.

My friend Kevin drew me into the Society of Creative Anachronism in 1975. Instead of dressing up, I shot hundreds upon hundreds of images of those who did, using the crummy little Mamiya Sekor 35mm SLR which I loved so well. For a time I made a (poor!) living selling prints to the participants for $1 each, until a bald-headed old "Baron" ripped me off, saying, "I'll pay you 25 cents, which is what they cost you." Instead of kicking his dishonest immoral thieving ass as they were honor bound to do, the big strong warrior types all laughed, so, fuck 'em. No more glamor shots for that lot.

There are only three here, 'cause that's all I saved. These are my friends Alexandra and Kevin.

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