Romare Bearden, "Golgotha" (c. 1945)
Romare Bearden, Golgotha (c. 1945)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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January 10, 2003:
"You want me to send a letter or a note
I w-w-w-w-w-w-won't!"

Cluttered suburban bedroom. Lovely young woman, 25, blonde, shy smile, plays you one of her first CDs after migrating from vinyl. The Replacements. She laughs, throws her head back, sending her glee heavenward in a characteristic gesture you haven't seen from her in a long time, since before the Prozac. "That's so evil," she says, laughing, delighted.

Banished forever from your sacred nest
on your snow-white breast
I feel there's still unrest

And I say Hey, darlin' one...
Look me in the eye
and tell me that I'm satisfied.
Were you satisfied?
Look me in the eye
then tell me I'm satisfied.
And now are you satisfied?

I'm so, I'm so
I'm so dissatisfied
I'm so, I'm so
I'm so unsatisfied
I'm so, I'm so
I'm so