Jacob Lawrence, "Black Cowboys," c. 1967
Jacob Lawrence, Black Cowboys (c. 1967)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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November 7, 2003:

Afternoon sunlight on a pasture outside Hebo, Oregon.

Cow tails swish flies. Chew the grass, swish, chew: fat and happy.

Noise gathers from the north. Louder each moment, like approaching thunder.

Cows look up, curious. What is this sound? Ears back, grass unchewed.

Lanky man in a '97 Corolla with the windows down, hand beating time on the roof, blasting 20th Century Boy loud enough to be heard in San Francisco.

Flies around the bend at an unsafe rate of speed. Waves happily to the cows watching him pass. That fast and he's gone.

"Gnarly," the cows think, before returning to the grass, and the sunlight, and the swishing of afternoon flies.