November 26, 2006:

I know you talk to God. Do you know how to hear his voice when he replies?

It's not a burning bush, or a crack in the sky, or a thunderous shaking inside your skull. It's subtle. It takes two forms.

First, the voice inside your heart that we call "intuition". Intuition is nothing but a small atom of God inside us, wired directly to him, in the same way that two tin cans wired with string make a telephone.

Second, the voices of other people, speaking to you on God's behalf, sent to you in just the moment that you need them, the messengers you least expect.

I'm one of those messengers now. This is God's voice speaking through me.

Overly dramatic? Hardly. Think of everything it took — of all the gears that had to be turned to just the exact positions — for you to meet, in of all places an obscure Mexican restaurant in an out of the way mountain town, of all people, me. The one person, perhaps of all people, who might have half a clue what to say to you, at this exact moment in your life, in this exact moment in my life.

Listen up.