William H. Johnson, "Street Musicians" (ca. 1940)
William H. Johnson, Street Musicians (ca. 1940)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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August 14, 2008:

Well I may think that this whole scene is
Just a too appalling for me
Or I may be the type who's just a mad about
Every little thing that I see
Well I can color that with mystery
Or make it just what I want it to be
While I'm blowing my change on the fan magazines
With all the hollywood refugees, screaming
Yeah yeah, oh yeah

And if I'm acting like a king
I said well, I'm a human being
And if I want too many things
Don't you know that I'm a human being
And if Ive got to dream
Baby baby, I'm a human being
And when it gets a bit obscene (wooah)
I'm a human being