Werner Drewes, "Grass and Sun (Dream in the Grass)" (1932)
Werner Drewes, Grass and Sun (Dream in the Grass) (1932)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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February 11, 2009:

Walk in La Jolla. To see the old haunts. But, more. To check out a pair of coastside recording studios there, to determine for yourself whether these kinds of things can be made secure against burglars. Do they display their business names as signage? Are they more discrete? Inside the first one, the room is large but the technology is old. 2-inch analog, a handful of tube compressors. You're interested in a job there: will they hire you as an engineer? It's a shame you weren't there last week, they've just hired someone, a young woman, who does not look at you kindly. An older engineer talks shop with you. You own better gear than they do. But, their room is nice.