Jacob Lawrence, "The Lovers," 1946
Jacob Lawrence, The Lovers (1946)
Can a Game Be Literature?

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March 21, 2010:

Fictional representations of my ex:

- Deborah Clasky, Spanglish. Has her charm, her radical self-absorption, her emphasis on surface over substance, her self-serving ethics, her unpredictable moodiness, and her exact little smile when talking people into something unethical. The character could be modeled on her, with the exception that Deborah is a jockette, my ex not so much.

- Callisto, Xena: Warrior Princess. Has her smile, her sense of having been wronged, her inner core of vulnerability and woundedness. Callisto is a dangerous little girl; my ex would be glad to be dangerous if only she had the backbone.

Those comparisons are snotty and make me laugh. This one's more legit: Dorothy, The Wizard of Oz. I think she modeled herself on Dorothy. Identical traits of mischief, love for animals, and hallucinating after being hit on the head. Couldn't resist.

Why bother with comparisons?

Because laughter is fun.