November 6, 2015:

Purple denims, tight; black lace-up bootlets, rhinestones. Waist-length straight chestnut hair, light-up smile. Seated with her pink vibrant girlfriend, huddled, drawing lines in a spiralbound paper calendar.

Flirty teen spies my secret glances. I'm being writerly in observation, but reasonably enough she interprets me as a letching voyeur perv. With laughing eyes she licks her straw sensuously, slowly as she can force herself, resisting the obvious urge to fall down laughing. Fair enough. I accept my punishment as well-deserved from some earlier occasion.

Emaciated blonde with tattoo'd hands, hair in knit cap, tweaking. Gray hoodie with Angela Davis: "Listen to the people." Adding heavy caffeine to her always-already buzz. Head high, ignores me pointedly as she exits doublespeed, while flirty teen throws secret-not-secret glances, laughing.