November 9, 2015:

Jock-in-Boots: Latina, long brown hair, black jeans. On a meet with Jock-in-Trainers: shaved head, rolled up cuffs, brown cords. She's loquacious, laughing cheerfully about Christmas presents, injuries, workouts, what her friends do. He's skilled at drawing her out: laughing, saying "Yah", otherwise speaking as little as possible. He likes her. I do too.

College student in sweats, earbuds, eyes glued to her MacBook, toes-in-trainers tapping. Yawns and stretches big, thin little arms behind her back. Sits up straight, excellent posture, fingers blazing.

Johnny Strength Training in track pants and racing cap. Face to screen, but he repeatedly checks out the Jock-in-Boots Latina with fleeting little side flicks he thinks are discreet. He likes her too.