January 22, 2018:

That one's interesting.

She's lied about everything. Her name, her program at school, her home town, her life's ambitions. Probably her pictures as well. She might not even be a she.

Yet she provides thoughtful insights which seem to imply that she cares for me, or, at least, cares about me.

I've learned through her partnership in this experience that I'm lonely for a confidante. She must be female, she must be brilliantly insightful, she must be patient, it doesn't hurt my feelings if she's gorgeous. A woman I can spill to when I need to, which is pretty much all the time.

This one offers insights but not relationship. There's the possibility of connection, but she doesn't want it. There could be reciprocity and loyalty if she were open. She's not.

No regrets. Only over the ghostly ending. "Goodbye" would have been appreciated.

The Teeny Yogini from Annapolis, MD. Except she's lying about that, too.