May 19, 2018:

She was thirty years old but had never given a blowjob. I thought, What the fucking fuck is the matter with him?

She said, "He asked to put it in the ass." She shrugged. I took that to mean she said no. And was puzzled by his request.

She took up with me 'cos, as she said, "You're the sex expert." I suppose at that time of life I probably was. I certainly did know why he wanted to put it in her ass. And what a blowjob is.

She was beautiful but sex with her was exasperating. As with so many other aspects of her life it was all about her. She wanted me to go down on her night and day. But she never thought to offer to reciprocate.

Finally — I think it was finally — I think it was the last night we spent together — I had her suck me off, then I went to sleep. My turn to be selfish. Sick of what had long felt to me to be an unbalanced reciprocity situation.

She went back to her husband. I have no idea if she finally gave up her ass, or not. I'm certain that, whether she did or not, she couldn't get him to go down on her. And that she didn't offer him the exchange.