November 5, 2018:

So, what does this kid love the best? Is it his kitty, his radio, or his gun?

He wants to pose with all three.

He loves his kitty. He brought her home one day after finding her in a cardboard box on the sidewalk: a neighbor family were giving away the litter. He carried her home inside his shirt so she'd be warm, with her little baby kitten head poking between buttons so she could breath. He loves her so so much.

He loves his radio. Gray and white bakelite, aluminum speaker cover, nine volt battery he's fascinated with. Rock and Roll smells of ozone. Rock and Roll is here to stay.

He loves his gun! Pow pow pow! I'm American!

He's always loved cats. He's always loved radios. In time the gun thing fades.

September 5, 1965.