November 11, 2018:

The women are on horseback along with the men.

Properly astraddle, no side-saddle bullshit. Even old Mom, now in her 70s. Saddled-up like proper cowgirls.

One of the few examples I can think of where there's genuine equality between the genders. Usually the men are patronizing and somewhat puzzled, the women are cynical and openly manipulative. They seem to not even think the same way, much less do the same things.

That's really quite literal. After dinner the men smoke and curse on the porch, the women sew and gossip in the TV room. Where never the twain do meet.

I revolted early. Fuck the men with their cigarettes and their macho posturing. The women have interesting stories. I'll hang with them.

Did not go down well.

That's years later. Today, on this September afternoon, no-one has yet contacted the currently twenty-five-year-old woman who the owner of this property abandoned before her birth. Do they know she has a son?

September 3, 1962.