October 11, 2019:

I'm aware these geographical dreams are dreams. In them I know I've dreamed of these places many times, and often what's coming next. My mind will race: Am I dreaming of a real place I remember, or is this entirely dreamscape?

It's often the same dense city with restaurants or shops a long walk from home. Where I'm walking across whole neighborhoods to reach the goal. I associate it with San Francisco but there are no such real neighborhoods there. These are more vertical, with more traffic, and all the buildings are brown. Perhaps it's the walking and the distinct boundaries between neighborhoods reminding me of my first years there.

There's a walk through residential streets to a strip of restaurants, outdoor and indoor, where there's a favorite. Another through commercial streets to a bookstore I admire. Sometimes driving a car searching for parking. Other times just cityscapes.

Am I dreaming of an ideal future environment? Or perhaps working through unresolved problems conceptualized geographically?

Dunno. Only that there's never a sense of resolution within the dreams themselves.