March 19, 2020:

When she was leaving for her emigration her checked suitcase was crazy heavy. So overweight it would have cost (me) a couple of hundred dollars in fees. I asked, "What the heck is in there?" It was books she planned to sell on arrival. "How much do you expect to receive for them?" Perhaps $30.

Her calculus was: He pays $200 so I can make $30.

She was dead serious. The disparity of that was nothing to her.

So we threw the books out, I gave her $50, we both felt we'd come out ahead.

She was eight months sober at the time.

This then is only partly about her addiction. It's largely about the family who brought her up. Entitlement, arrogance, self-absorption, lack of empathy, manipulativeness. She was their daughter sober or stoned.