May 16, 2020:

As she aged she increasingly expressed irrational notions of history. That Atlantis truly existed and would be found right where Plato said it was. That Native Americans are the lost tribes of Israel. When I mentioned Plato's story is explicitly set thousands of years before Greeks or Egyptians existed she seemed deeply puzzled. When I mentioned the latter is foundational to the Book of Mormon she seemed deeply puzzled.

Toward the end of her life she'd become vocally racist. "I don't like Mexicans," she'd say. "And my cat hates them too." She was watching Fox, parroting the manipulative loudmouths, driving their unspoken intention exactly where they wanted it to go.

I've wondered if, had I then possessed my current post-therapy skill set, I might have helped her more. It could just has easily have gone the other way. My post-therapy skill set might have determined, This is toxic. Get away fast.