May 28, 2020:

My friend once stooped to psychologism. "You're just trying to seem interesting," she said dismissively.

Actually I was trying to share certain of the things I'd become excited about. Alfred Jarry and avant garde literature; Marx and Althusser; Freud; Braudel. It was summer and we hadn't seen each other for a year. Clearly she was surprised.

Her disparaging stance was hurtful of course, but it was one of very few if any other times she ever was less than patient and decent with me. Today she's one of very few members of that milieu I respect. An artist in her field, cinema, with accomplishments. Most of the rest are conformists like their parents; some even live in their parents' former houses. She was far from rebellious but she nevertheless has done impressive art. She's the only one I know of. Those accomplishments count in my world, and no I'm not saying that to be interesting.

I remember this conversation taking place while walking into the Greek Theater at San Diego State, to see the Kinks.